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Recent trend in the local real estate market!

If I sell my house in Oakville, where can I go next?

Some of our clients decided to choose the Niagara Region and here is why.

If you are considering a life simpler, without insane traffic, the Niagara region may be the answer!

The place is perfect for anyone looking to set up a business, get into agriculture, go back to school or raise a family. The area is growing, and there are even monetary incentives in place for anyone who wants to develop, invest, or start a business. Here, a few reasons you may want to make the move there.
Over the past 3 years, 8,000 new jobs were created in Niagara in high-growth sectors like health care, construction, manufacturing, professional services and hospitality. The tourism industry is thriving, with 12 million people visiting annually, bringing in nearly $2 billion in revenue. The region also has over $100 billion in trade shuttling between its borders each year. And there’s no sign of the local economy slowing down.


While Niagara’s wineries and picturesque towns make it a popular tourist destination, a growing number of companies are choosing to move their location there. The competitive advantages are strong, and include a mix of affordable land, competitively priced utilities and taxes, low healthcare costs and an efficient logistics infrastructure.


With affordable housing and lower cost of living in comparison to GTA, life surprisingly starts to get a bit more enjoyable. When it comes to raising kids, parents who choose to live in the Niagara Region can literally have it all: a sprawling backyard and affordable home, plus all the attractions and amenities of a larger metropolis. And the scenery is seriously stunning. While there are plenty of outdoor attractions, including 300 kilometres of biking trails and 40 golf courses, there are also lots of all-season activities for the colder winter months, like wineries galore, a dozen destination spas and some of Canada’s most buzzed-about farm-to-table restaurants.


The Shaw Festival Theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake is a world-class theatre that attracts drama critics from all over. Niagara Falls’ Winter Festival of Lights is a must-see spectacle, and attracts over a million visitors from November through January. The Niagara Wine Festival runs over a month each September and also hosts the Niagara Icewine Festival every January. Plus, a diverse collection of live entertainment venues makes sure the best concerts and comedy shows always come to town.