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Crafting a Canine-Friendly Backyard

Five Key Steps

Does your four-legged friend love frolicking in your yard as much as you do?
Here are a few top tips to create an outdoor space that both you and your furry friend can thoroughly enjoy.
It’s no secret that many homeowners purchase property with their pets in mind. In fact, according to, almost 95% of pet owners weigh their pets’ needs when hunting for a new home. So, how do you create a backyard that’s both enjoyable and safe for your loyal companion?
Let’s dive into five expert tips that will help you create a haven for your hound.

01. Opt for Pet-Friendly Plants

Dogs, curious as they are, can often mistake plants for a delightful snack.

To ensure their safety, choose plants that are non-toxic to dogs. Some common plants such as Autumn Crocus, Azalea, and Lilies, amongst others, can be poisonous to pets. The same consideration should apply to fertilizers and mulch. Opt for pet-friendly lawn care products and avoid cocoa bean mulch, as it is harmful to dogs.


02. Dedicate a 'Bathroom' Zone

A designated bathroom area can save your lawn from the unwanted aftermath of your dog’s business.

Using absorbent materials like turf or mulch can help create this space. Keeping pet-safe products for lawn care handy can help manage the inevitable dead patches of grass.


03. Prioritize Secure Fencing

Investing in a secure fence might seem costly, but it ensures your pet’s safety and gives you peace of mind.

The design and height of the fence will depend on your dog’s breed and their penchant for exploring beyond boundaries. Besides being a safe option for pets and children, a fenced yard can also enhance your home’s resale value.


04. Offer Plenty of Shade

With warmer climates and high temperatures, it’s crucial to provide adequate shade for your dog. This ensures they can relish the outdoors without the risk of overheating.


05. Equip Yourself with Essential Tools

Consider additional yard accessories to enrich your dog’s outdoor experience and ease your pet-care duties.

Items such as an outdoor water bowl for hydration, a paw-wipe station for cleanliness, and a scoop tool for yard cleanup are great investments.

With these handy pointers from Brown and Keyes, you’re all set to create an outdoor paradise for your pooch!